are  thematic practices of death and rebirth


What makes the "extreme present" extreme? Is it an experience of the sublime?

Rituals can reconnect us to one another as well as the natural cycles of life by helping us put an end to our alienation from the planet and ourselves. 
Rituals are said to turn everyday objects into symbols or essences towards a sharper lens of wakefulness. 

Hand wrapped herbal bundles & hand poured essential oil based candles made with love and kindness

We believe that self care is not just self indulgent but more so self preservation. Caring for oneself creates the possibility for growth and change.  Rituals are capable of healing the participant as well as healing our community. Scent, emotional awareness and mental preparedness is one key to the door of intentional experience in the physical world. The ritual of tracing your doors and windows, floors and walls with a herbal bundles or the ritual of lighting a candle as you live in your chosen space, are all so important to a healthy body, mind and soul. We hope that our gifts may bring mindfulness and joy into your life as you practice your ritual.  

All vegan
Natural & locally sourced ingredients often with herbs and flowers from our very own garden

"My brain is the key that sets me free.”

- Harry Houdini



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"Extract the eternal from the ephemeral."

- Charles Baudelaire
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